We always recommend that certified technician complete your maintenance and/or repairs.  A Plus Auto Care is not responsible for any damage that may occur for repairs and/or maintenance you or any non-certified technician performs.


A Plus Auto Care is is not responsible from any damage and/death that may occur from the car tips below and irresponsible drivers.

Give It a Rest

Shift into neutral at traffic lights. The transmission doesn't care, and it makes life a bit easier for the engine. This technique reduces the amount of heat carried by the cooling system and can increase gas mileage a tick or two

 Add Some Horsepower

If you drive a turbo, all you need is a bit of computer programming to add some power. Whether you're driving a twin-turbo Bentley or a simple 1.8-liter VW diesel, a few minutes of "chip tuning" by your mechanic can add 20 percent more power.


Stop a Spreading Crack

If a rock has chipped your windshield, you can act fast and to avoid the $200 to $500 cost of a replacement. So long as the chip is smaller than a dime, a glass shop can fill the crevice with an optically matched resin that should forestall the spread of cracks. Most insurance companies waive the deductible and cover this cost-saving procedure. But anything larger and you might need a new pane of glass



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